An accurate software taximeter designed in conjunction with drivers and regulators available on iPhone™, iPad™ and Android™.

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Touchscreen Operation

Touchscreen Operation

No more fumbling for a button! Simply touch the screen to change tariff, extras, mode or to total the fare.

Realistic Appearance

Realistic Appearance

Designed with a realistic “LED effect” appearance and operation that your drivers and customers will be familiar with.

Downloadable Presets

Downloadable Presets

Updates to the supplied presets and their tariffs can be downloaded from the internet.

Customizable Preset

Customizable Preset

Define your own preset with up to 10 tariffs, discounts, tax and more…

Lockable Settings

Lockable Settings

Seal the settings and/or tariffs with a password (tamper-proof on non-jailbroken/unrooted devices).

Hire Logging

Hire Logging

Keep a record of each hire in text or CSV logs and have them automatically emailed at regular intervals.



Maintains two sets of management totals (one is user-resettable).

System Event Log

System Event Log

Maintains a system log of the last 1000 events recorded by date and time.

Calendar Controlled

Calendar Controlled

Program your own calendar controlled tariffs incl. holidays and up to 6 special days (a smattering of XML is required; see our technote)

More Features…

Affordable, Accurate, Reliable

These three little-ish words; affordable, accurate, and reliable describe our development goals with Taximeter.  We wanted to bring a cost-effective, reliable, GPS based software meter to the worldwide taxi industry.  Taximeter was first released on Android™ Eclair back in 2010 and since then has been regularly updated with additional features suggested by its users.  The OBD-II interface places its accuracy on a par with that of any hardware meter utilising CAN bus as the source of its vehicle speed sensor pulse.  We are well aware that thousands of professional drivers rely on Taximeter on a daily basis and they can rest assured that here at Planet Coops, we have their best interests at heart.

Imagine some of the savings you could make by switching to a software meter...

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Use a single device as a phone, MDT, meter, POS terminal
  • Adopt a BYOT (Bring Your Own Taximeter) policy for new drivers
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Android Exclusives

The Android™ version of Taximeter has the following additional features not found in the iOS™ version.

  • Automatic updates – keep sealed rates up-to-date with the Preset Update Service

  • Itemized extras – programmable via XML

  • Application Programming Interface (API) for integration with third party dispatch systems. Remote API access from different devices on the same network is now possible using the Taximeter Proxy Service.

  • Mobile receipt printing (Planet Coops’ POS Print application and a compatible Bluetooth mobile printer are required)
  • Data logging – log GPS position, meter state and fares to the cloud (incurs a small monthly charge to cover our server costs).  A basic online tracking facility using MapQuest™/Leaflet is also available should you choose this option.

  • Supports Samsung Multi Window™, LG Dual Window™ & Android™ Multi-Window
Taximeter running alongside Google Maps in Samsung Multi Window
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Read What Our Customers Have To Say…

Best taxi meter app! It is the best taxi app out there. I have tried all of them in the market and this is the best. Keeps a log of my trips. Works together with PayPal. I can email receipts to customers from the app. And I can even print out receipts with the POS Printer app and a bluetooth wireless thermal printer. The developer responds fast to any question. Thanks Planet Coops!!
Mel Driver
AAAAAMAAZING!! EXCELLENT! BEST METER APP! I downloaded this app. I was a little skeptical at first because all the other meter apps on Google play were lousy. But not this one! TAXIMETER from Planet Coops is the best. The settings and features work great and are very customizable. I have been a taxi driver for 10+ years in the USA and this app is better than a regular meter! I first used it with the gps data only and tested it to make sure it works correctly (tested in my taxi) then I bought BT OBD2 and it’s even better than I thought! GET THIS!
Jay Luke
Great app, well designed and clever features which are always updated… 5*****!
Simon Bargeman
Excellent App Extremely well thought-out. Works as well and as accurately as a regular taxi meter. Had one e-mail question for the designers in the UK (not a gripe, but a question about whether it will run on a Wi-Fi only tablet). They responded immediately (and by the way, it will run on such a platform). Well worth the money!
John Greenwood
Great app I love this app. It’s really better than the actual meter. All my customers love it and is super accurate. Thanks a lot for hearing and fixing our concerns. Great app and support!!
German Osorio
Excellent app. I install taxi meters and this is an excellent app. We use it in all our airport sedans and other unmetered cars. This is the best app I have ever purchased. Easy to set and use. The features are great.
Anthony Maldonado

Works great lots of tools and controls. Best app ever.

Steven Martinez

Brilliant app Contacted developer one day, he added the requested fare spreadsheet next day, can’t ask for better service than that for an already great app.

Thomas James

GS3 Great app. Works perfect.

Hunter Matter

I am a taxi driver, have been driving for 15 years and this is the greatest app. I highly recommend this app.

Sam King
Very good, and proved very accurate when a comparison was carried with an official Manchester UK calibrated taxi meter.
A Google User
This app is great! I have been using it in my car, on several devices, and in other cars in our company’s fleet for 2-3 years! It is simple to use, and accurate! Not only that, but if you have a question/problem, the support team responds very quickly! Don’t waste your time with free apps that are garbage!
Sasun Ghazian

It works very good, it is accurate – used it with a real taxi meter.

Michael Schroer
I am a small fleet manager who heard good things about Planet Coops and their Taximeter app at a few conventions. I was a huge fan at first install. I found out that their app did not support Dual Window on my LG G Pad F 8.0 tablets that some cars on my fleet were using. Within 24 hours their development team sent me a beta version of their app to test. It worked perfectly!
Mason Gomes

This app is everything it says, programs like a real meter and is dead on accurate. 5 star app for sure.

Jane Smith

Been using this app in my cab for a few days now, testing against the vehicle odometer and it’s spot on.  Going to work on getting the boss to standardize out across all drivers.

Brandon Koelper

Tried the rest and this is the best. We will be rolling it out fleet wide and using the Preset Update Service to keep rates updated.

Yellow Cab

The transducer failed on my own meter and I purchased this app so I could work the weekend.  Very impressed!  It even had the tariff for my meter pre-programmed.

Keith McKinney

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Planet Coops is a developer of mobile apps based in the Heart of England, UK. Founded in 2010 and incorporated in 2014, we are able to provide all aspects of mobile development including mobile consultancy, analysis, design, development, testing, integration and support.

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To provide innovative, affordable, high quality software which delivers long term commercial benefits to our customers.

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